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ModelExchanger.AnalysisDataModel.Contracts Namespace

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Public interfaceIAnalysisModelComparisonService
Service that allows comparison of 2 AnalysisModel's
Public interfaceIAnalysisModelCopyService
Service to copy objects from one model to another.
Public interfaceIAnalysisModelItemDeleteService
Service with advanced operation for object deletion in an AnalysisModel.
Public interfaceIAnalysisModelLocalCoordinateSystemTransformationService
Service that allows you to transform the model to use a different local coordinate system
Public interfaceIAnalysisModelQuery
Service for querying an AnalysisModel
Public interfaceIAnalysisModelReferenceSorter

Service for sorting a list of IAnalysisObject based on their dependencies on other objects.

Objects with the least amount of dependencies will appear at the top of the list

Public interfaceIAnalysisModelResultsConversionService
Service which will convert the old result implementation to the new one
Public interfaceIAnalysisModelService
Service to interact with an AnalysisModel. Defines CRUD operations along with validation
Public interfaceIAnalysisModelValidator
Validator for models and objects
Public interfaceIAreaCalculationService
Service that can calculate the area of any object in the AnalysisModel that implements IHasArea
Public interfaceILengthCalculationService
Service that can calculate the length of any object in the AnalysisModel that implements IHasLength
Public interfaceIStructuralAnalysisModelQuery
Service for querying the part of the model that contains Structural elements (including loads)
Public enumerationCalculationControl
Enumeration that can be used to control the behaviour of the various calculation services (e.g. IAreaCalculationService, ILengthCalculationService, ...)
Public enumerationValidationMode
Defines the available validation modes