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StructuralCurveActionAbstractTDirection, TValue Class

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  ModelExchanger.AnalysisDataModel.Loads
Assembly:  ModelExchanger.AnalysisDataModel (in ModelExchanger.AnalysisDataModel.dll) Version: 1.13.0+Branch.master.Sha.d583fc64569355d188a9c0818d257b6d0d3e1339
public abstract class StructuralCurveActionAbstract<TDirection, TValue> : StructuralAnalysisObjectBase, 
	ILoadAnalysisObject, IStructuralAnalysisObject, IAnalysisObject, IHasCoordinateDefinition, IEquatable<StructuralCurveActionAbstract<TDirection, TValue>>, 
where TDirection : Enum
where TValue : struct, new(), IQuantity

Type Parameters

The type of enum defining the direction of load
The type used to indicate the value of the load

The StructuralCurveActionAbstractTDirection, TValue type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCoordinateDefinition
Specifies the coordinate system that is used to define the length.
Public propertyCoordinateSystem
Defines the co-ordinate system of the member in which the load is applied
Public propertyDirection
Defines the base direction of the load
Public propertyDistribution
Defines how the load is distributed along the structural element
Public propertyEndPointAbsolute
Defines the position of the end point in absolute coordinates
Public propertyEndPointRelative
Defines the position of the end point in relative coordinates
Public propertyExtent
Defines how the load extends over the structural element
Public propertyForceAction
Defines on which type of structural element the force acts
Public propertyId
The ID of the Analysis object. Needs to be unique within the entire model
(Inherited from StructuralAnalysisObjectBase.)
Public propertyLoadCase
Defines the StructuralLoadCase to which the load belongs
Public propertyLocation
Defines whether the load is "put directly on an inclined 1D member" or whether the "projection on plan" is defined.
Public propertyName
The name of the Analysis object. Needs to be unique within it's type
(Inherited from StructuralAnalysisObjectBase.)
Public propertyOrigin
Specifies the origin of the coordinate system used for the definition of the length
Public propertyParentId
The ID of the parent object of the same type
Public propertyStartPointAbsolute
Defines the position of the start point in absolute coordinates
Public propertyStartPointRelative
Defines the position of the start point in relative coordinates
Public propertyType
Defines what the load is caused by. Supports dynamic values
Public propertyValue1
Defines the first (or only when Distribution is Uniform) size of the load
Public propertyValue2
Defines the second size of the load, only applicable when Distribution is not Uniform
Public eventPropertyChanged (Inherited from StructuralAnalysisObjectBase.)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodToObjectIdentifier
Converts the provided IAnalysisObject into an AnalysisObjectIdentifier
(Defined by IAnalysisObjectExtensions.)
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