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IAnalysisModelServiceAddItemsToModel Method

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Adds a collection of IAnalysisObject to an AnalysisModel

Namespace:  ModelExchanger.AnalysisDataModel.Contracts
Assembly:  ModelExchanger.AnalysisDataModel.Contracts (in ModelExchanger.AnalysisDataModel.Contracts.dll) Version: 1.13.0+Branch.master.Sha.d583fc64569355d188a9c0818d257b6d0d3e1339
IDictionary<Guid, bool> AddItemsToModel(
	AnalysisModel model,
	IReadOnlyCollection<IAnalysisObject> analysisObjects,
	IObjectIdentifier identifier = null


Type: ModelExchanger.AnalysisDataModel.ModelsAnalysisModel
The AnalysisModel to which the provided collection of IAnalysisObject needs to be added
Type: System.Collections.GenericIReadOnlyCollectionIAnalysisObject
The collection of IAnalysisObject to be added to the provided AnalysisModel
identifier (Optional)
Type: CSInfrastructure.FluentValidationIObjectIdentifier
An optional IObjectIdentifier implementation that allows identification of objects across modules. Used primarily to compose validation warning or error messages

Return Value

Type: IDictionaryGuid, Boolean
A dictionary containing a boolean for each object if it has been added to the model. If the value is false, it means the validation for that object has failed and the object was not added to the model.
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