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LocalCoordinateSystem Enumeration

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Supported local coordinate system types

Namespace:  ModelExchanger.AnalysisDataModel.Enums
Assembly:  ModelExchanger.AnalysisDataModel (in ModelExchanger.AnalysisDataModel.dll) Version: 1.13.0+Branch.master.Sha.d583fc64569355d188a9c0818d257b6d0d3e1339
public enum LocalCoordinateSystem
  Member nameValueDescription
ZYX0 Z north, Y east, X south-west
MinusYZX1 -Y north, Z east, X south-west
MinusZMinusYX2 -Z north, -Y east, X south-west
YMinusZX3 Y north, -Z east, X south-west
YZMinusX4 Y north, Z east, -X south-west
MinusZYMinusX5 -Z north, Y east, -X south-west
MinusYMinusZMinusX6 -Y north, -Z east, -X south-west
ZMinusYMinusX7 Z north, -Y east, -X south-west
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