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Version 1.9.0

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

This version was released on 2021-12-27


Here is what has been changed in this release:




  • Point2D: Added constructor overload which allows you to construct an instance using doubles and a specific length unit

  • PolygonValidator: Added new validator which is used to validate the points of a polygon to determine if it's defined clockwise or counter-clockwise

  • StructuralGeneralCrossSection: Added validation for the Definition property:

    • Its name may not be empty

    • It must contain at least 1 polygon definition

    • Each of the polygon definitions must reference a material

    • Each of the polygon definitions must have at least 3 points

    • The first polygon must be defined counter-clockwise

    • All remaining polygon definitions must be defined clockwise

  • ResultAnalysis1DInternalForces: Updated validation messages to be more clearer when validation fails for the CombinationKey property

  • ExpressionExtensions: Fixed issue when the expression to convert to string contains an IReadOnlyList member