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Version 0.9.0

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

This version has been released on 2020-02-24.


Here is the list of objects that have been added in this release.

Structural elements


  • BoundaryRepresentationGeometry: Object that holds the vertex and face definitions of a solid. Please note that no definition of "edges" are involved. The face definition refers to the indexes of the vertices.

  • Face: Object used to define a face in a BoundaryRepresentationGeometry. This was needed because we needed to support openings as well, hence the list of loops inside the object. Rule of thumb is: when there's only 1 loop, it's a closed face. Any additional loops represent openings in the face.


  • Added validator for StructuralProxyElement. Must have Material and Geometry. For Geometry, we check that there are at least 3 vertices defined. Regarding the faces, we check if each loop on a face has at least 3 vertex indexes and that those indexes are valid.


Here are the objects that have been changed in this release.



  • FlexibleEnum: Added implicit conversion operators and equality operators. These allow you to cast an enum value or a string value to FlexibleEnum. The equality operators allow you to compare a FlexibleEnum instance with an enum value or a string.

  • IAnalysisModelCopyService: Added service to facility copying objects from one model to another.

  • IAnalysisModelReferenceFixer: Added service that can correct references on an analysis object to other analysis objects.

  • IAnalysisModelReferencesOnItemFixer: Added service that can correct references on an analysis object to analysis objects in a different model. Useful when attempting to merge a list of objects with an existing model

  • Updated validation for StructuralLoadCase, removed validation rules for property Specification because it has been removed.