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Version 0.9.1

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

This version has been released on 2020-03-09.


Here is the list of objects that have been added in this release.


  • AnalysisModelImportValidity: Enum that dictates the allowed validity of an AnalysisModel when importing. So far it's only use-able in the SAF (Excel) module when importing.

  • ImportResult: Wrapper around the result of an import operation. It contains an AnalysisModel property and a list of ValidationResult which contain results from both the module's validation and the ADM validation


Here are the objects that have been changed in this release.


  • AnalysisModel:

    • Removed the ability to have validation results on the model that are not linked with an IAnalysisObject (e.g. results that came from the SAF (Excel) module)

    • Removed constructor that allowed creation of AnalysisModel with an existing list of ValidationResult. As per the previous point, it would become too messy to allow this, because there can be results that have an IObjectIdentifier linked which cannot be linked to any IAnalysisObject type (e.g. Worksheet validation errors)

    • Changed internal workings of the validation and objects. Previously it was not possible to manually (in code) fix validation errors on an object that was previously attempted to be added to the model. This is now possible. The ValidationException with message "An attempt was made to alter the validation state of an object which has not yet been added to this model." should no longer occur.

  • IObjectIdentifier: Disconnected from IHasIdName, which combines IHasId and IHasName, because it should be possible to use this in combination with objects that do not necessarily have an Id or Name

  • AnalysisObjectIdentifier: Due to the changes made in IObjectIdentifier, the implementation had to match the changes as well. Got rid of the Id property and renamed Name to ObjectName and Identifier to ObjectIdentifier

  • ValidationResult: Added a static Format method, that allows to format a list of result into a readable string, useful for displaying the validation results to the end user.

  • IAnalysisModelService:

    • Add and update methods now return a bool, indicating success.

    • Adding, updating or deleting an object from a model now clears any validation results linked with that object.