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Version 0.8.0

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

This version has been released on 2020-01-17.


UnitsNet upgraded from v3.112.0-2 (internal release) to v4.42.0

Newtonsoft.Json upgraded from v11.0.2 to v12.0.3


Here are the objects that have been changed in this release.





  • ReinforcementDesignMagnitude1D: Added IEquatable implementation.

Structural elements

  • StructuralCurveConnection: Updated IEquatable implementation so it uses UnitsNet's Equals method with comparison delta & absolute difference when comparing the properties StartPointAbsolute and EndPointAbsolute

  • Updated validation for StructuralLoadCombination, property NationalStandard. Initially, we were checking if the value provided for NationalStandard was a valid enum value. It has been changed so that when Category is not AccordingNationalStandard, NationalStandard must be NULL. Additionally, when Category is AccordingNationalStandard then NationalStandard can not be NULL and must be valid enum value.

  • Updated validation for constraints. The type of constraint is now checked against a whitelist of enum values, depending on the constraint (translation or rotation)

  • IAnalysisModelItemDeleteService: Fixed issue when cascade deleting objects that referenced StructuralPointConnection.

  • IAnalysisModelService: Fixed issue with an object's validation state not being updated after running it through the Update method. Now it will set the validation state to Valid or Invalid, depending on the validation result. When valid, any validation results for that object's ID are removed.