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Version 1.1.0

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

This version has been released on 2020-07-27.


Here are the objects that have been added in this release.


  • IHasEccentricities: A marker interface used to indicate that an object has Eccentricity Y and Eccentricity Z properties


Here are the objects that have been changed in this release.


Structural Elements


  • ModelInformation: Set the default value of the Discipline property to "Structural analysis"



  • Instead of returning three Hashset<Guid> containing the IDs of the objects that have are new, changed or deleted, it now returns three IDictionary<Guid, AnalysisModelComparisonEntry>. The keys are the object IDs whilst the values contain additional metadata about the object

  • The new AnalysisModelComparisonEntry object holds more metadata about the object that was detected. Instead of just the ID, we now also track the name and type of the object

  • The Compare(AnalysisModel, AnalysisModel) has been updated with an overload that accepts a list of types to be skipped during comparison. This is useful when comparing 2 models that originated from different modules and in which the same amount of data cannot be guaranteed. (e.g. ProjectInformation and ModelInformation when importing from BIM+ compared with data imported from Excel)



An issue was discovered when running the validator in the context of .NET Core. The reference validation was not working properly, but first explicitly sorting the objects before starting validation fixed the issue. Initially, the order was implied to be correct due to the way items are added to the model

So now, when calling the Validate(AnalysisModel) method, the objects will be sorted again, based on their dependencies (objects with the least amount of dependencies are validated first)

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