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Version 1.0.0

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

This version has been released on 2020-06-02 as a beta version.

This version has been released on 2020-06-16 as a stable version.


Here are the objects that have been changed in this release.


  • FormCode: Has received a major overhaul and has a significantly reduced number of values now. We went from 41 values to 24.


Structural Elements


The documentation itself got some updates too:

  • The API reference has its number of documented entities reduced. There was a lot of clutter previously. (e.g. entities that were for internal use or entities that were of no use for any 3rd party integrator)

  • We have now code examples for all the documented structural elements.

  • In addition to the code examples for structural elements, we have also documented some of our services of which we think are of use to 3rd party integrators.